Beth LaMie laughing as she holds up one-year-old grandson, NicholasBeth LaMie is a captivating author who lives in small town America in central Illinois. She specializes in heartwarming family histories, short stories and memoirs. Ms. LaMie conducts seminars for various groups to teach others how to write their own family stories and offers additional assistance as needed throughout the creative process.

Beth enjoyed a long and satisfying career in data processing at major corporations such as IBM, Kohler and A. O. Smith. She has received high praises for her presentation of training classes, seminars and workshops.  Her expertise at writing clear, concise technical manuals, user guides and documentation has carried over to her career as an author and educator. These transferable skills (combined with her wry sense of humor) enable her to both entertain and inform her loyal fans about the simple pleasures and perks of serene rural living. Ms. LaMie enjoys transporting readers back to a time when life was more simple, relaxed and family oriented.

Educated at the University of Illinois and the University of Chicago, Beth has expanded her technical skills and knowledge to include training in Creative Writing, Memoir Writing, Family Histories and book development. She is a member of the Association of Personal Historians (APH) and derives great satisfaction in delving into the past for relevant pieces of history that enliven her stories.

Beth’s current writing projects include expansion of her own family history, two memoirs and a new book about easy ways to write one’s own stories. She also conducts seminars on capturing family histories before the knowledge is lost forever. She enjoys traveling with her husband Lynn throughout North America in their motor home, quilting and reading.

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