What Customers are Saying

Author Beth LaMie with three young students from one of her family history workshops

... about Beth LaMie

"This was a truly meaningful & wonderful experience. I will continue to write & improve [my ethical wills]."

Mary Anne O'Callaghar Palos Park, IL


"Your passion for this work and writing life stories was the most useful part of the presentation."

Lois Lauer  Palos Park, IL


"It was a wonderful experience - thank you!"

Cindy Kamp  Palos Park, IL


On Granny's Guide to Fun & Fabulous Family Stories:

"Finally, we have not just the easy way to save our priceless family stories, but the right way: bringing the younger members of our families into the project. With Granny’s Guide to Fun & Fabulous Family Stories, LaMie shows her genius."

Barbara Sher, Author of I Could Do Anything If I Only Knew What It Was Barbara Sher


"Just a year ago, thanks in part to your Granny's Guide book, I decided to start writing. . . What fun I've had since then! Getting started is what it takes -- One Story At A Time! We all agree that the only way our grandchildren will understand their roots is if we tell them. So we're trying to make it 'easy' for them to enjoy. Living all over the world is no excuse in today's world. We just need to get writing and have fun along the way. I'm having a wonderful time."

Karen Eichstadt, Cincinnati, Ohio   Retired Chemist


On a Personal History:

"Mom is rather personal in nature. Because of your professionalism, efforts, and patience, you were able to draw out enough information to prepare a nice story. Thanks again."

Raelynn Roman, Bourbonnais, IL


" I just wanted to thank you again, Beth, and let you know how very much my brothers and sisters appreciated receiving a copy of Mom and Dad's story.  You did a beautiful job and it is just perfect and a wonderful memory that we now all have.  Funny how life works, isn't it?  If you and I hadn't met, my family wouldn't be enjoying the story you gave to us."

Rose Mitchell, Kankakee, IL


“Beth knows how to ask the right questions to get the right information to write a very interesting story. She made both my mother and my mother in law feel very comfortable as Beth interviewed them. I highly recommend Beth's services. Nothing can compare than the story of your parents from your parents perspective.”

Lisa Sanford, Kankakee, IL


“Beth's passion for writing and her hands-on approach to working with her clients is unparalleled. When working with Beth to get your story written, you are working with someone who makes your story their own.”

Victoria Hamel, Hickory Hills, IL


“Beth makes it really easy to savor what makes our family special, to capture our loved ones for posterity, and to pass along what really matters to our descendants.”

Patty Newbold, Doylestown, PA


“If you get a chance to read Beth's book or articles, or to work with her in person, you are in for a treat. She has so many good ways to tackle a challenging topic. My grandmother passed away a few months ago, and I credit Beth with giving me the bravery to make sure I recorded her talking about her favorite recipes from her favorite cookbook. I treasure that special memento. She has such great ideas. If you're 'thinking about it', listen to Beth and do it now!”

Elissa Ashwood, Pittsburgh, PA


On a Writing Workshop for 4th graders:

"The kids really enjoyed interviewing a family member. It is something we don't normally do. I believe the kids gained a lot from this activity."

Lauren McClymonds, Bradley, IL, Teacher

Comments from students:

"I think all 4th graders should do it. It was really fun!!!" Hannah

"I love what Mrs. LaMie taught us." Olivia

"I liked learning new things about the person I interviewed." Amber


On a Writing Workshop teleclass:

"It's your book that has motivated me to record conversations with my 81 year old father. I brought my recorder with me for our last visit, turned on the recorder and asked him why, even now, he invests so much of his time volunteering.

I would have never gotten the gem of an answer I got if I didn't directly ask him this question. He told me it's simply how he pays for the gifts he has been given in his life.

Thanks Beth for this priceless opportunity you have pointed out to me."

Rachel Cornell, Orlando, Florida